30 years of experience in Oil / Gas Engineering and Construction.

Thank you for visiting me.  I am an Electrical Engineer, 55 years
old, residing in Jakarta Indonesia for about 18 years.  For the last
30 years, starting from a technical draftsman to electrical
engineer, I have learned a lot in a field of electrical design and

Here, I have just started my web site to share some of my
experiences or knowledge with you.   I have worked with NEC
(NFPA 70) around 10 years, so, it is natural for me to start with
NEC wiring. I will add more information in Electrical Engineering
Tips here,  
Akihito Shigeno, Electrical Engineer

NEC (NFPA 70) Wiring  
IEE (BS 7671) and IEC 60364 Wiring  
Hazardous Area Wiring  
Power and Control  
Earthing for Safety  
Earthing for EMC or Noise Reduction  
Lightning Protection   
System Study
Relay Coordination  
Job Experience  
TERAKOYA (updated 07 Apr 09)
Engineers wanted in Jakarta.

I am working for PT. JGC Indonesia in Jakarta
Indonesia as a Principle Electrical Engineer. My
main function here is to improve the engineering
quality in electrical field.

PT. JGC Indonesia is recruiting Indonesian
technical staff.  If you are an Engineer, Designer or
CAD specialist, or just interested in to be one of
these, want to join us,  write to
recruitment@jgc-indonsesia.com or contact me.
Many members of staff are working overseas, such
as in Yokohama in
JGC or JPS office.

JGC Indonesia is open to you.
Other companies I have worked with for the
last 30 years.

Chiyoda Corporation
MItsui Engineering
Hitachi Zosen
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
HItachi Ltd Kokubu Works
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Electrical Safety

NOISH Electrical Safety Student Manual
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