How To Send Unlimited Files & Videos Size Using iCloud Mail Drop On iPhone & iPad

In this tutorial you will learn how to send unlimited files or videos size via iCloud Mail Drop for free on iPhone and iPad

It’s depends on your iCloud storage, so as we all know that everyone have 5 GB on iCloud for free, so you can still using the free storage you have or upgrade your storage to one of these plans that Apple offers for iCloud storage:

50 GB for 1$/month
200 GB for 3$/month
1 TB for 5$/month

With these storages you can send as much as you can depends on your free storage on iCloud. So if you have 3 GB free for example you can send attachment up to 3 GB.
But the files will be remove automatically from your iCloud storage after 30 days so the receiver can’t download the attachment after that.

And that’s it.
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  • What if the recipient uses Android and Windows? Will they still be able to download the attachment?

    UK2AK May 20, 2020 3:45 pm Reply

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