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#Campaign: Any distributed content, that’s created and measured in Mailchimp, including regular emails, automation, landing pages, and ads.

#Choose a Campaign Type:
We’ve got campaigns for all of your business goals. You’ll find options to send an email to all of the subscribed contacts on your list, target repeat customers, find new people on Facebook, and more.

Here are the different types of campaigns you can create in Mailchimp.

# Email campaigns
There are four main types of email campaigns in MailChimp.

2) Regular
This is the most common type of campaign. Design and customize your content, and choose whether to send immediately or schedule your campaign for later.

3) Plain-text
The simplest form of mass email you can send. These campaigns contain only text and have no formatting options.

4) A/B testing
Send more than one version of the same campaign and see which one comes out on top. Test subject lines, From names, content, and send times. If you’re a MailChimp Pro user, you’ll have the option to test up to eight different versions with a Multivariate campaign.
An email or series of emails sent to a contact based on a specific trigger.

The way you build your campaign depends on which type of campaign you choose. Each campaign type has a specific set of steps you’ll follow to target your audience, add tracking options, design your content, and make other changes.

Create a Regular Email Campaign

Design a Campaign in Mailchimp


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