We get a package from Chaz and do a draw for the Space Hulk Card Game winner!

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blashryche May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

I am curious how this plays compared to the out of print and over-priced Space Hulk.

The Rog May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

I really hope your going to do a series on Death Angles! 8o)

Hun Ter May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

awww… I din win… anyway, Congrats Tim!! 🙂

Stasia Doster May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Love the Watch it Played dice! I want some! 🙂

PhoenixEnforcer2500 May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Congratulations on the dice.
You're teasing us. Not telling us what's the next game is. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The pain! The agony!………… If you're trying to keep us excited its working.

Anton aus Allerwelt May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Never ever was this phrase a 100% match … until now: Nice dice!

Chris N. May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

my two cents, but it would immensely helpful to do a watchitplayed on an rpg. I think, for the most part, alot; myself included, do not have a clue on how to start playing one. To see someone explain the rules and play step by step would be gratifying. Board and card games have rulebooks, but rpgs have hundreds of pages of rules and lots of terms so it would be nice to have someone present it condensed 🙂 Thanks watchitplayed

BlackfootFerret May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Have you thought of doing the game Agricola? It's a resource management game of building a medieval family, sort of Puerto Rico taken to a new level.

Etienne Lessard May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Aww i didnt win :/ congrats Tim

Phil Seale Jr May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

I'm not surprised you lost that card game the first time, we've never won a game… Congrats to Tim!

RogCBrand May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

That was cool of him to send the dice, along with the great job he does on the music!

Congratulations to Tim!

sandlewood99 May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

So when is the next game annouced? 🙂

Mortimus May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

But what's the game going to be? We need an announcement to build up our excitement! Keep up the great work Rodney!

Mykah May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Congrats Mr Anderson!

ClockworkMoxie May 27, 2020 at 1:20 am

Aw man… disappointed I didn't win, but I think I'll keep watching anyway lol. Keep up the great work guys. I can't wait to see the next series.

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